Jason Kehl’s Basement Of Jams: Rocking Mental Health

A Podcast that also helps to spread my message of mental health awareness


A podcast I started to further my desire to spread mental health awareness. I talk about my experiences and what has worked for me and what I could do more of. Also, I talk about current thoughts as I continue to walk my journey to stronger mental health. This really is an extension of the blog and is another avenue for me to share my mental health message.

The title comes from the idea of musicians getting together to jam. Each musician brings their own unique instrument and style to the jam session. As each musician begins to play together with the others. Everything comes together to form a harmonious sound. That is the idea of having a blog and a podcast. I also have a group on Facebook that goes by the same name as the podcast. It is yet another instrument thrown into the jam session.

Please take a listen and I hope you enjoy!

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